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Jelena Marjanovic

Business and workplace coach

I help driven corporate employees and determined business owners break through barriers and attain their goals.

Overcome stagnation, get into action, and make strategic decisions that will gradually lead you to attain your goals and feeling more fulfilled in life and work.

My coaching methodology will empower you to take steps that are slightly beyond your comfort zone, making progress manageable and sustainable.

Workplace and Leadership Coaching

I help employees, entrepreneurs, and leaders into achieving their full potential.

Through my integrated coaching process, I inspire and supportively guide my clients to maximize their professional potential, make extraordinary progress, and reach true fulfillment at work - from seeing immediate results to ultimately transforming their entire life.

Are you ready to feel excited about your work (and life) again?

I am a corporate employee

Are you uncertain about your career goals and how to achieve them? Struggling with leadership responsibilities and unsure how to lead effectively? Feeling overwhelmed by your workload? Let's overcome this together.
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I am a business owner

Feeling alone and owerhwelmed in your business, with an ever-growing to-do list but no clear strategy? Are you facing confidence issues such as imposter syndrome? Would you like to increase your income but are not sure how? Let's make the first steps together.
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About me

I strongly believe that everyone should be able to maximize their potential and uncover their unique genius so they can thrive at work, do what they love most, and attain the results that matter the most to them.

My goal is to inspire and guide employees, entrepreneurs, and leaders to discover what exactly they should strive for in work (and life) and recognize the unique skills and talents they already posses to achieve that.


What sets me apart from other coaches?

It is the singular combination of my skills, qualifications, and experience:
Unique coaching skills and knowledge
Acknowledged expert in Learning & Development
PHD and Published Author on interplay between beliefs and Personal Development
Trained in Leadership Development
Working with me entails a collaborative process which gives concrete results.
Together, we foster the reflective learning process that is integral to growth.
We deconstruct limiting (self-)beliefs, develop personalized action plans for growth, and action them.
Show your employees you care. Build purpose. Achieve growth.

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Jelena Marjanovic

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